How Do You Properly Flash a Curb Mounted Skylight on a Residential Roof?

by Sep 18, 2019

As with any penetration in a residential roof, properly flashing a skylight is crucial to the longevity of a leak free skylight.  There are curb mounted and deck mounted skylights.  In this blog we are going to talk about the curb mounted skylight.

Curb mounted means a box-like structure constructed with 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” lumber that elevates the skylight off the roof deck. The curb allows the installer to install metal flashing for long lasting, water shedding, and leak free installation.

  • Install Ice & Water shield/peel & stick underlayment down the curb & onto the roof deck
  • Install top flashing, step flashings (properly sized for the shingle) and bottom flashing
  • Be sure to lace the step flashing with the course of shingles
  • Place skylight dome on the curb and secure with proper fasteners

The curb mounted skylight is a nice addition to allow natural light to a room.  If you have consulted and hired a reputable roofing contractor the flashing on the skylight should give you peace of mind from leaks in the future and natural light for years to come.  We hope this helps with your next roofing project.


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