What are the benefits of working with a HAAG certified inspector?

by Mar 15, 2018

HAAG is a forensic engineering and consulting firm. They provide analysis and determine the extent of damage and repair options for a various range of key disciplines. HAAG Engineers are often called upon as a mediator when there is a dispute between the insured and the insurance company.


They also offer an intensive certification program for roofing professionals looking to improve their skill set in identifying storm damage on residential and commercial roofing. Those who complete the certification program, and become HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors (HCRI), develop skills and gain knowledge to better serve their industry.


HCRI’s are well versed in:

-Weather characteristics

-Identifying hail, wind, and mechanical damage


-Industry standards

-Roof area calculations

-Inspection safety

-Product installation


-Repair costs/accurate estimating

-Maintenance for all major roof types


HAAG Certified means recommendations can be made based on a deep level of knowledge and experience. The distinction is also recognized by insurance companies, meaning you can ensure that HAAG Certified Inspectors and their evaluations will be acknowledged and your claims compensated.


This is why Rhoden Roofing decided to train all of their project managers to become Certified through HAAG Engineering. Choosing a roofer that is HAAG Certified ensures that there will be an accurate assessment of damage, claims process, and cost of repair.


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