6 Common Questions About First-Time Roof Replacement

by Jan 29, 2021

As one of the premier roofing contractors in Wichita, we get many questions from prospective customers. Our goal is to answer as many of the most common questions as we can in this article. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, call us and speak with one of our representatives.


Can I Replace My Roof in Winter?

It’s always better to start a roofing project in the spring or fall, so the materials have a chance to settle, but Rhoden Roofing is capable of replacing or repairing a roof in the winter when needed. Snow and cold are challenging conditions to work in, so please talk to one of our representatives if you’re interested in a winter installation.


Do I Need a Full Roof Replacement or Just Repairs?

Whether we need to repair or replace your roof depends on the problem you’re having. Roofs with small, isolated leaks can be identified quickly and might need only a simple repair, but more widespread damage usually requires a full roof replacement to take care of the problem.

Our inspectors will go over every inch of your roof to make sure we look at every problem. We’ll give you our full assessment so you can make the best decision.


Can I Install a Roof Over My Current Roof?

Whether you can install over an existing roof depends on whether your roof has been re-shingled or not. Roofs that have more than two layers can create too much weight on the joists and supports, which can cause more problems than they fix. We usually recommend tearing off the original roof to prevent any further issues.

It’s hard for our crew to get a complete picture of all the problems a roof is having without looking at the roof deck, which is another reason we recommend a full replacement.


Can I Choose a Different Roofing Material Than the Original?

You can swap out an asphalt shingle roof for metal roofing, and vice versa, but some materials have structural needs that aren’t as easy to replace. For instance, slate requires a specific roof pitch for effective installation.

Check with our representative if you have questions about which materials are best suited to your home. Nothing is impossible, but you might need to invest more to get the look you want.


How Do You Clean After the New Roof is Installed?

Our crews work hard to ensure that your property is in the same shape as we found it. We’ll use magnets to pick up every piece of metal scrap we can find, and we’ll haul away and recycle everything we can.


How Can I Tell If My Roof Needs Replacing?

There are many signs that your roof needs help. If there’s leaking coming from your ceiling or you’ve noticed water stains on your walls, you may have roofing issues. Cracked or missing roofing shingles is another way to tell that someone should come and inspect it.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give Rhoden Roofing a call today, and we’ll see to all your residential and commercial roofing issues.


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