Common Reasons for Roof Repairs in Wichita

by Nov 22, 2022

When you need roof repair done in Wichita, if you care about your home and your investment in it, it only makes sense to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Proactive roof maintenance will help reduce the need for a roof repair, but sooner or later, it’s going to happen. But it helps to know the most common causes so you can prevent roof damage as much as possible.



Aging Shingles

One of the biggest reasons for experiencing roof problems is simply the fact that your roofing has seen its day. It may be getting old, weak, and brittle. It may be past its warranty too, and in that case, it could be wiser to invest in roof replacement than continual, frequent repairs.

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High Heat

UV light and high heat during the summer eventually take their toll on a roof. Ventilating and insulating your attic will reduce the problem, and installing a radiant barrier on the attic ceiling will further reduce the impact of the sun on your roofing.

Improper Installation

Many roof repair needs are directly related to improper installation work. Roofing over old shingles is just asking for leaks and broken shingles. Not using underlayment, failing to install proper flashing as needed, using poor or no roof sealants, or failing to fasten and/or overlap shingles correctly can also lead to problems.

Lack Of Roof Repair

That’s right, failing to get roof repairs when needed can lead to further and more severe roof damage. A general lack of roof maintenance would also fall into this general category. An annual inspection, sweeping off the roof, and cleaning out the gutters and downspouts goes a long way!

Walking On The Roof

Finally, homeowners sometimes damage their own roofs by walking on them. When you wear spiked shoes or walk on a roof that is very hot, it will likely get punctured at points. You could also knock granules off the shingle tops and rip a few shingles out of place. Put safety first if ever on a roof, but also wear soft but high-traction footwear and don’t go up in high heat.

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Water And Cold Temperatures

Many homeowners have to worry about ice dams, which is a leading cause of roof damage in more northern climates, it is less of a concern here in America’s Heartland. You can still get more than the occasional cold rain with small amounts of ice, and you can still get hit with hail on rare occasions. It only takes one severe hit of this kind to damage your roof.

Wind And Storms

High winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes can put your shingles to the test as few other things can. Choosing a material with high wind resistance will help. But you also need to get an inspection done following all major wind storms to make sure there is no hidden damage that might result in a leak later on.

These are just a few of the most common causes of roof repair needs, but of course, it is not an exhaustive list. If your roofing is damaged or you suspect it may be, contact Rhoden Roofing in Wichita for advice, repairs, or a roof inspection anytime! Also, feel free to talk to us about roof replacement if you think your old roofing may be showing its age.

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