If I have roof damage, should I contact my Insurance Company first?

by Jan 10, 2019

The answer is no. When storm damage occurs, the last thing a property owner wants to do is worry about all the minor details associated with their policy. That’s where a good roofing contractor comes into the picture. A Rhoden Roofing Certified Representative will come out, inspect your damage and assess whether you need to contact your Insurance Company or not. If so, Rhoden Roofing will work with your Insurance Company to ensure that your settlement covers it.

Insurance adjustors are not repair experts. Let the experts at Rhoden Roofing assess your damage. Not only will an experienced roofing contractor thoroughly inspect the roof and analyze the damage, but he’ll also present his findings to the adjuster so that they know the scope of work that is required and offer a more accurate settlement to you.

In some cases, filing an insurance claim may not even be worth it. By allowing a roofing contractor to assess the damage before a claim is filed, will give you a more accurate idea about whether filing a claim is even worthwhile. Inappropriately filing a claim can cause your insurance rates to go up and can cost you more in the long run.

While it might be natural to want to call your insurance agent and file a claim following hail, wind or storm damage, that’s not always the best thing to do. Call an experienced contractor first to inspect your roof, and you’ll walk away with much better results in the long run.

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