4 Common Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

by Dec 30, 2020

Metal Roofing is slowly becoming a popular residential roofing option for many homeowners in the Wichita area. For the longest time, and even today, people have been a little skeptical towards metal roofing due to some myths, which may have been true in the past but are no longer, due to advancements made to the roofing material. Not only do we, at Rhoden Roofing, use the very best metal roofing materials for your roof but we’re also going to debunk some of these silly myths so that you can invest in this exceptional roofing material.


Metal Roofs are Loud

In years gone by, metal roofs made quite the noise when it rained or hailed. This sound was incredibly distracting and annoying. But due to technological advancements and developments made to the material, metal roofing produces less sound than the common asphalt shingle roof. This is due to the roofing’s solid sheathing which serves as a noise reduction material.


Metal Roofing is Ugly

People often imagine metal roofing as being these long, dull sheets of gray on the roof of one’s home. You’ll be delightfully surprised to see that today, metal roofing comes in all shapes, colors and styles. You can style your metal roofing according to your unique design and aesthetic.


Metal Roofs are More Expensive

Upfront, metal roofing is a lot pricier than asphalt shingles. However, you’ll be saving a lot more long-term as metal roofing lasts a lot longer than asphalt shingles, they are easier to maintain and they’re able to withstand severe weather conditions a lot better than an asphalt shingle roof.


Metal Roofing is Hotter in the Summer

This is a common myth that has plagued the metal roofing industry for a long time. Metal roofing is one of the best-suited roofing materials for homes in warmer areas. This is because it possesses high reflective properties. This means that it immediately reflects any UV light. It also has a high emissivity feature, which means that it deflects any heat and energy without absorbing it into your home.


The Best Metal Roofers In Town

At Rhoden Roofing, our dedicated roofing specialists use only the best metal roofing materials on the market. We guarantee that you’ll absolutely love your new metal roof. For professional and efficient metal roofing services, give Rhoden Roofing a call today.



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