How to Prepare Your Home For a Roof Replacement?

by Mar 26, 2018

How to Prepare Your Home For a Roof Replacement?

What To Expect when Construction begins:

  • Roofing Material is sometimes delivered a couple days before construction begins.  It can also be delivered after tear off has started.  The crew and project manager will arrive at the home early in the morning to start construction.  A portable dump trailer will be parked in your driveway to throw away the debris from the old roof. We advise moving all cars out of the garage and driveway and onto the street.
  • Before tear off begins, we will do a “walk around” of the home and protect fixed landscaping and move non-fixed items, that can be moved, out of harm’s way.
  • It’s common for debris to land on the ground around your home during tear off.  The trash will be thrown in the dump as soon as possible and never left overnight.  If your home needs to have new sheathing installed, some debris can also get into the attic.

Inside Your Home:

  • Cover any items that you want to protect from dust falling from the ceiling. During construction, you never know what might get knocked loose.
  • Remove any chandeliers, paintings, mirrors, knick-knack shelves, collectible china, or other objects hanging from the walls to prevent them from falling and shattering during construction.  Vibrations to the home are unavoidable when reroofing a home.

Outside Your Home

  • Move things like patio furniture, potted plants, your grill, lawn ornaments, and anything else that could get hit by falling debris. A good rule of thumb is to keep these items a minimum of 20 feet away from your home while the roofers are working.  We will move anything we deem breakable that is not moved beforehand.
  • Children and pets don’t belong on a construction site. For their own safety, please make sure they are not there.
  • It also helps if you mow your lawn, because tall grass makes cleanup If you have a pool, you will want to cover it so you won’t have to fish out the debris later.

Pardon the Noise

  • Installing a new roof is a noisy job. If this will disrupt you, you might want to go somewhere else while the roofers are working. If you have small children or pets that are afraid of loud noises, it’s a good idea to take them somewhere during construction.


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