What are the benefits to a High Profile hip and ridge shingle?

by Nov 7, 2020

A high profile hip and ridge shingle is designed to enhance the architectural shake-like appearance and dimensional profile of a premium architectural fiberglass shingles. The overall benefit is an enhanced curb appeal and most manufactures will have a higher wind warranty as well. Below are some of the benefits with the High Profile Hip and Ridge:

  • Dramatic high-profile design adds dimension, depth and texture
  • Enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal by accentuating the roof-line
  • Multi-layer construction for durability and superior tear strength
  • Self-sealing adhesive backing for easy installation and maximum wind protection
  • There are fewer pieces to install than with traditional hip & ridge products, so less labor involved

The high-profile hip and ridge shingle is a great addition to any re-roofing project. This would be an upgrade from a traditional hip and ridge shingle, so there will be a higher cost. As always, consult with a reputable roofing contractor in your area to get more details and pricing.




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