The Importance of Drain & Gutter Maintenance for Flat Roofs

by Dec 18, 2018

Water shedding is the main function for a roof to work properly. One of the most common areas where flat roofs fail is around the drains and or gutters. Pooling, also known as ponding water, is a common problem due to lack of drainage, blocked drains, or insufficient sloping. Ultimately, it can deteriorate a roof and leave it vulnerable to leaking and loss of structural integrity.

The first thing I look for when I inspect a flat roof is the type of drainage system that is installed. Time and time again I have been chasing down a leak and the first thing I see is trash and debris clogging the drain for water not to flow down off properly.



Maintaining Drains & Gutters

In addition to the usual cleaning that is required of drains & gutters, these maintenance tips should be conducted at least every six months—more so if there are trees that hang over the roof.

* Remove debris from roof as well as gutters and keep tree branches trimmed.

* Spring and fall are usually the recommended times for cleaning.

* Ensure gutters are doing their job, have no leaks and are properly secured.

* Check that water is flowing as designed.

* Inspect the roof & drainage system after a storm.

It’s important to be proactive and stop problems before they arise, saving time and money. Our commercial maintenance program, RoofCare, is a perfect solution to insure proper drainage.


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