Should I invest in a Class 4 impact resistant shingle on my home?

by Mar 29, 2018

Should I invest in a Class 4 impact resistant shingle on my home?

There are many important things to consider when replacing your roof. What type of products should I choose? What color or design to choose? Is it really worth it to upgrade my roof? One very common upgrade that most homeowners should consider when replacing their roofs are Class 4 rated shingles.

Benefits of Class 4 rated shingles:

  • Class 4 rated shingles usually carry a 50 yr warranty from manufacturers and Non-class 4 shingles usually carry a 30-yr warranty.
  • Class 4 rated shingles are far more durable and will provide longevity and protection for your home.
  • Saving money. Yes, saving money! Most insurance companies provide big discounts for their policyholders who upgrade to a Class 4 (impact rated) shingles. Insurance discounts you can receive vary from company to company, but some are as high as 33% off the annual premium because in Wichita the most likely claim made is for hail damage to your roof. The insurance savings on your homeowner’s policy should pay for the upgrade in about 2-3 yrs.
  • After a moderate hail storm homeowners are less likely to need replacement of their roof and incur the deductible expense and hassle of replacing the roof again

Overall, Class 4 rated shingles are superior to most other typical seen roofing products. It is well worth it to know your roof will provide extended protection and savings for a small out of pocket cost.


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