8/15/21: Large Hail And Strong Winds Causes Damage In Lyons, KS

by Aug 15, 2021

On Sunday, August 15, the city of Lyons was caught in the middle of a nasty storm. At around 6 pm, while the residents of the city were enjoying the last moments of their weekend, meteorologists spotted a major storm making its way toward Lyon at a speed of 20mph.


Not long after the storm had been spotted and a severe thunderstorm warning issued for the area, reports started coming in that golfball-sized hail were hitting the ground just 12 miles south of Lyons. The developing storm threatened significant hailfall and wind speeds of up to 70 mph.

Large hail and strong winds in Lyons, KS

Image via wibw.com

When the storm hit Rice County, it left quite a bit of damage in its wake. In Geneseo, the strength of the storm was evident as it overturned about 50 train cars.

In other parts of the county, several powerlines had to be repaired or replaced as they succumbed to the forces of the storm.

As the hail pelted down on Rice County, several residents’ vehicles suffered significant windshield damage. Chief meteorologist for Storm Team 12, Ross Janssen, took to social media to document some of the vehicle damage which had occurred along Highway 4.

The hail that fell over Rice County on August 15 marks the largest hail report for the area this year.

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