4/29/22 – 5/2/22 : Severe Storms Wreak Havoc Across Wichita

by May 3, 2022

As the cold winter months come to an end and the temperatures start to increase around most of the country, some areas have entered their stormy season. Signs of the impending doom began showing in the days before the weekend of April 29th in parts of south-central Kansas. Over the weekend, the heavens opened up over Wichita and unleashed pure havoc. Dark and frightening clouds formed over the area, wind speeds began picking up, and rain showers washed over Central US. Meteorologists and weather scientists warned residents of the stormy days to come and urged everyone to take cover and limit travel.

On Friday, during the middle of the night, a suspected tornado tore through parts of southwest Wichita and Andover. When residents awoke Saturday morning, it was discovered that nearly 100 buildings had been significantly damaged, several people severely injured, and about 7000 homes were without electricity.

Some neighborhoods found themselves directly in the tornado’s path, as several homes were flattened entirely and torn apart. The Governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, issued a state of disaster emergency declaration as emergency officials were still trying to figure out the extent of the damage. Weather officials later found that an EF-3 tornado was responsible for the damages caused in south-central Kansas.

Hail the size of grapefruit also rained down on the towns of Central US, with many homes suffering tremendous roofing and siding damages. Shingles, metal panels, wooden shakes, and roof tiles were all torn from rooftops, gutters were shredded, and many homes suffered increased roof leaks during the storm.

The severe weather conditions eased up a little on Sunday, May 1st. However, the showers started pouring in by early Monday, May 2nd. Pockets of rain were scattered across south-central Kansas, providing a wet start to the week for locals. Many school districts closed early due to the impending storm predicted to strike in the coming days. Residents were informed that tornado shelters were available for them to take cover in should their homes not have a safety bunker or basement.

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