Will A Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan Save Me Money?

by Mar 15, 2018

In today’s world, maintenance is crucial to make products last longer. Lets use your vehicle as an example. The prices for new cars keep going up, yet we keep buying new ones. During ownership, you must maintain the vehicle by changing the oil and perform general maintenance. You’re protecting your investment and insuring that you and your family will be transported in a safe manner.

Let’s say that your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, but you don’t change the engine oil for 20,000 miles……..and BOOM, your engine seizes up. Do you think the manufacturer will cover that damage under the warranty? Not a chance, they will inform you that due to lack of maintenance, the warranty is void. A commercial roofing warranty is the exact same. It is written in all commercial roof warranties, that annual inspections & maintenance are required to keep the warranty in good standing.
The same maintenance principles applied to your vehicle, must be applied to your commercial roof because the roofing system on a commercial building requires more maintenance than any other building component.

Benefits of implementing a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan:

    1. Your Roof will last up to 60% longer than a non maintained roof.
    2. It will detect minor problems before they become major problems, avoiding interruption of the internal functions of the building.
    3. It will save you thousands of dollars. Studies show that building owner’s that implement a maintenance program will spend 33% less than a building owner without a maintenance plan
    4. Ultimately, there is no reason not to implement a maintenance program on your roof

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