by Mar 30, 2018


Here is a quick comparison:

While TPO is the more popular product, PVC is still widely used..
Because of its superior chemical resistance, PVC is a better choice on restaurants and other industries that vent a lot of grease or chemical vapors on the roof.

So which is best? 

That all depends on the type of building and your performance expectations.

For most applications, TPO will be the better choice because of its durability and lower cost. However, certain conditions make PVC the better choice. Always consult with an experienced and trusted roofing contractor before choosing between the two membranes.

Pro Tip: TPO & PVC both require proactive preventative maintenance programs to prevent hazards from becoming leaks and to prolong the life of the membrane. Rhoden Roofing offers a preventative maintenance program called RoofCare. RoofCare is designed to save building owner’s money, increase the lifespan of the membrane, and reduce headaches that come from unexpected & preventable leaks.


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