5 Ways Seamless Gutters Can Save You Time and Money

by Mar 14, 2023


Gutters are, many times, an “install it and forget about it” component to the home. We may tend to believe that once the gutters are there, we don’t need to worry about them, consider their health or do any maintenance on them. However, anything worth putting on our homes should be regularly maintained to keep them working at tip-top performance.

Seamless gutters can help make the maintenance process much easier though. This type of system is as close to an “install it and forget about it” system as we can get. Let’s explore just what a seamless gutter system is, and its benefits of them.

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What is a Seamless Gutter?

For clarification, a seamless gutter is a long continuous piece of material measured and installed as one piece. Gutters can be made of aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel. The design is for limited joints, seams, and fasteners. The gutter is custom-cut on the property and installed immediately on the home. There is little chance of it not fitting properly when it is measured accurately. 

Fewer Joints

As stated above, seamless gutters are custom fit to your home’s roof as one long span. No joints are holding the pieces together, ensuring fewer areas for debris buildup and less leakage. Seamless gutters offer the advantage of water flow to the downspouts, with minimal debris buildup caused by joints. With fewer areas of buildup, the chance for rust and/or corrosion is less. This excellent benefit will assist in keeping the water flowing where it needs to go, and not over the edge creating damage to the foundation, walls, and windows of a home. 

Less Maintenance

The maintenance for this type of gutter system is minimal due to the fact of limited surface space creating complications. A sectional gutter system has crevices, joints, and fasteners that can rust, create a buildup of debris, or break down over time. A seamless system is much more durable and longer-lasting when a regular maintenance schedule is followed.  Just make sure any small debris is cleaned out regularly and this system will last for years. 

Long Lasting

The lifespan of seamless gutters can be, on average, 30 years. With proper minimal maintenance and yearly inspections, they can easily last longer.  Considering seamless gutters have no seams, there are fewer areas for breaking. This is an excellent advantage when we consider the weather conditions of Wichita full of rainstorms, ice, and snow

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Attractive Appearance

The look of a seamless gutter is streamlined and sleek. Many homeowners desire a uniform appearance to the exterior of their home, so choosing a style, size, and color to match the home is ideal.  

Reduced Buildup

As a review, a seamless gutter system has little area of water disruption, meaning leaves, small twigs, pine needles, and asphalt granules can flow through with ease. Other systems have areas where these particles can collect and create damage to the gutter system. 

In addition to a quality seamless gutter system, it is advised to consider gutter guards. You can save time and money with the use of these guards as they stop any large debris from sitting in the gutter. A guard will only allow small particles and water to pass through, allowing the life of the gutter to be extended. 

Rhoden Roofing in Wichita has been installing quality gutter systems for years. We have seen what works, and what doesn’t. We can help fit your home with beautiful seamless gutters and guards to last for years to come. We strive to find the right system for your home, needs, and budget. 

We look forward to working with you! Call today for a free no-obligation consultation and estimate! 


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