Kansas Curb Appeal: Seamless Gutters Dominate Wichita Homes

by Nov 21, 2023

It doesn’t take long to find a home that has seamless gutters anymore – and that includes Wichita! Why is this gutter type gaining so much traction in home design?

Seamless Gutters: A Quick Overview

There are many reasons homebuilders and homeowners alike are choosing seamless gutter systems over traditional gutters. But why? Is it just a style preference, or are there functional reasons for this decision? Well, let’s take a closer look. 

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Seamless Gutter Construction

A seamless gutter is just what the title implies: seamless. This gutter type is made out of one continuous piece of material. Though there will still be areas with seams, there will be much fewer than the traditional gutter systems used today.

 Pros and Cons

There are many positive reasons why one would choose these types of gutters. 

  • Less leaks – Because they are constructed from one, longer piece of material, there will not be any connections for leaks to occur for the entire length of the house. 
  • Easier maintenance – with fewer connection points you also get fewer areas for debris to get caught. Seamless gutters will allow you to clean the gutter much easier as well.
  • Custom-fit – one of the biggest positive aspects of this gutter system is that it is custom fit to your home! A professional gutter installer, such as Rhoden Roofing, will come and create, bend, and install your gutter to your house’s specifications. 
  • Curb appeal – with fewer connection points comes less visual intrusion to the horizontal lines of your house. This can give a house a fresh, clean, modern look for a comparatively small investment. 

With the good, there are some potential negatives to this type of new gutter system. 

  • Higher cost – because of the added time and expertise a seamless gutter system requires these gutters will be more expensive than your regular, traditional gutter systems. 
  • Professional installation – these are not gutters that can be installed as a weekend DIY project. You will need to contact a professional who is set up to create and install these gutter systems. 

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Why are homeowners switching to seamless gutter systems?

Many people around the country are taking stock of the exterior of their homes, seeing them as an investment in their future. With home prices on an upward trend, many are looking to spend their money on home improvement versus buying a new home. Giving your home a fresh, modern look through less expensive ways are seeing an uptick in popularity, and gutters fit that bill. It is an easy way to give your home the facelift, or maybe eyebrow lift, it needs.

Don’t DIY – Contact Rhoden Roofing today!

With seamless gutters, you will want a reliable gutter installation company. For the Wichita area, this is Rhoden Roofing. With their A+ BBB rating, along with their multiple affiliations and certifications, you will see why many in the Wichita area have been very satisfied with their work. Striving to combine knowledge, workmanship, honesty, and value to your home, Rhoden Roofing is ready to meet you and go over your gutter options. Contact them today!

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