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Real Estate Inspections with Written Report – $200

Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers

When a roof inspection is needed for a real estate transaction, our trusted team can provide a professional, neutral opinion on the status of the roofing materials, roof system, and flashing.

Our real estate inspections include a written report you can provide to both parties in a transaction, and we charge a flat fee of $200 for the inspection and report.

If damage is found or repairs are warranted, our Roofing Specialists can also provide an optional estimate of repairs cost to accompany the report if you choose. If a repair cost estimate is included, estimate serves as a formal bid on the work, good for 30 days. If repairs are completed within 90 days by either the buyer or seller, the $200 real estate inspection fee is counted toward the repair regardless of which party paid the inspection fee. 

Questions on Real Estate Inspections

What if no damage is found?

This is the best case scenario for both sides of the transaction. We pride ourselves with being Wichita’s most-trusted roofing contractor. If there is no damage to the roof, we will not pretend otherwise. If there is damage to a roof, we will photo-document specific details and evidence with recommendations for addressing them.

Don’t you offer free inspections?

In almost every circumstance except real estate transactions, yes. However, inspections for real estate transactions are often done on a rushed/fixed timeline, include a neutral written report about the status of the roof and (if requested) a formal estimate of repairs. This takes time for our Roofing Specialists to put together, and takes on potential liability as our reports are used during the legal real estate transaction.

Is the $200 credited toward repairs?

Yes, if either the buyer or seller choose to use Rhoden Roofing for repairs needed, the inspection fee is credited toward the repair. Our estimates are valid for 30 days before updates are needed to adjust for the constantly-changing cost of construction materials.

How do I schedule an inspection?

Call our office at (316) 927-2233 during business hours and let one of our team members know you need an inspection report for a real estate transaction.


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