Things Prepare for your Commercial Roofs System for Spring?

by Feb 12, 2019

With the cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions moving on in favor of the rains of springtime, it’s the perfect time to inspect your commercial roofing system for any damage or needed general maintenance. The wind, sleet, and snow that the winter months can bring is especially destructive to all types of roofs. The first step in preparing for spring is to conduct a visual inspection.

The perfect time to conduct any routine maintenance necessary to keep your roofing system in peak condition is just before the spring months. The key components within a maintenance inspection should include:

  • A visual survey of the current roof conditions
  • Written documentation of findings
  • Formal recommendation of any repairs that are needed
  • Inspect all drains & gutters

It’s also important to move inside and take a look up at your ceilings to make sure everything looks normal. Are there water stains or spots? Those stains can indicate a larger problem and should be noted.

Investing in an inspection now, before problems occur, can easily save your business money and time. A major roof leak or other problems can shut down a business. Major repairs cost much more than preventive measures. Also, keep in mind that most roofing manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep warranties current.

To help stay informed and get the most out of the current commercial roofing system, Rhoden Roofing engineered the RoofCare maintenance program.

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