How long will my roof really last?

by Jan 29, 2019

In terms of longevity, some roofing products are far better than others. The best roofing materials vary by situation and the maintenance. Below are common roof types and their expected lifespan.

Asphalt/Composition Roofing products – These products range in cost and manufacturers warranty and are relatively low maintenance. Under normal weather conditions most types will last about 15-50yrs.

Metal roofs – Whether shingle or panel, metal roofs are very low maintenance. They generally carry a  20yr – 50yr manufacturers warranty, but many will last even longer.

Wood Shake – Wood roofs require a substantial amount of maintenance. Wood roofs are more rapidly deteriorated by the elements and can also attract insects; these 2 problems shorten the lifespan of wood shake shingles roofs. Even with proper maintenance, don’t expect a wood roof to last more than 25yrs.

Clay Tile and Slate– Most durable and longest lasting roof types. Tile roofs, depending on the quality should last 75+ years. Slate roofs, if properly installed can last 100 years or more!  The underlayment will go bad before the tiles do.

Even the best roofs can sometimes be compromised by heavy storms and traumatic events. Scheduled roof inspections play a huge part in determining how long your roof will last. By getting regular roof inspections, you’ll be able to identify small problems before they become big ones. Ultimately, this will lower costs and increase the life for your roof.

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