What is the Best Temperature to Install Composition Shingles?

by Aug 16, 2018

According to Underwriters Laboratories, the best temperature to install asphalt shingles is between 40 and 85 degrees fahrenheit. All composition shingles have self-adhesive sealant strips on the back side of the shingle that adheres itself to the shingle below. Sealing time will vary depending on the slope of the roof, its orientation, and the amount of sun and heat exposure that the shingle receives. The shingle adhesive will reach its ideal elasticity at 70 degrees fahrenheit.

  • During very cold weather:

-Before installation store shingles in a heated area above 70 degrees for 24 hours.

-During installation, supplement the self adhesive sealant strips by applying roof cement. The roofing cement should be administered onto four locations evenly spaced by one inch from the leading edge of the shingle and pressed in place.  Rhoden Roofing avoids installing in temperatures that would require      this step.

-When temperatures are very low during installation there is a possibility of “cold curling”.

  • During very hot weather:

-Before installation, the shingles may stick together in the wrapper if stored improperly.

-During installation, the shingles may be more easily damaged by foot traffic.

-When temperatures are very high during installation there is a possibility that the shingles may tear during installation.

Conclusion: Unless you have an emergency situation, wait until the temperature is at least around 50 to 55 degrees fahrenheit with the sun shining to install your new roof. Night temperatures should  be above freezing as well. On the most ideal day for installation, the sun will warm the self adhesive sealant strips and activate the adhesive, properly sealing the shingles. An experienced contractor will be willing to answer your questions and help guide you through your project. If you feel it is time for a new roof, call a professional for a roof assessment.


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