What are the most common issues with Painted Siding?

by Mar 20, 2018

What are the most common issues with Painted Siding?

  1. Peeling
  2. Blistering
  3. Alligatoring/Checking
  4. Discoloration

All of these issues are common on painted siding, but what causes them? There are several reasons that these issues can occur.

  1. Weather Conditions
      • Painting while the surface is too hot can cause blistering
      • Moisture in the siding from rain or even high humidity can cause blistering
      • Painting while it’s too cold can cause poor adhesion
  2. Improper Surface Preparation
      • Loose paint must be scraped/sanded and the surface must me cleaned properly
      • New paint must be compatible with existing paint
      • Surface needs to be completely dry before application of paint/primer
  3. Inadequate House Ventilation
      • Moisture from the home can escape through the walls if not properly ventilated, causing issues with paint adhesion
  4. Poor Quality Paint
      • Make sure you use a high quality product. Less expensive options may require extra coats of paint and may not perform as well.
  5. Improper Application
      • Hurried workers may skip steps to meet timelines or beat inclimate weather conditions
      • Application of additional coats over paint, that isn’t sufficiently dry, can lead to alligatoring or checking
  6. Non-Corrosion Resistant nails can cause rust stains in the paint

What is the best solution?
If you are noticing some of these issues on your existing siding, you need to either repair or replace the affected areas, depending on the severity of the problem.

We recommend contacting a reputable contractor to help you determine what is causing the issues and how to fix it properly, so the problems don’t come back.


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