Siding Replacement Tips to Save Time and Money

by Dec 27, 2018

It is important that your siding installation project is on track from beginning to end. A few missteps could expand the project cost, delay your project, and cause unwanted results. But with determination, focus, and the following tips, you can steer this ship and keep your project right on track:

  1. Do Not Rush the Planning Stage –Every successful home improvement project begins with a good, solid plan. Avoid shortcuts or the cheapest option. Take time to do your research, learn your best product options and benefits, and utilize resources like blogs, magazines, and other on-hand resources.
  2. Define Your Goals –Having a clear picture of your goals, or at least an idea of what you want your exterior to look like, can guide you on what to do with the project and will help you make timely and critical decisions. Use resources like James Hardie Home Color Tool to help visualize your options.
  3. Prepare Your Budget – One thing to be prepared for regarding siding replacement projects, and other home improvement projects, is unexpected expenses. There is always the possibility for unforeseen issues when working on a remodel project, so an emergency budget equal to about 10% to 20% of the quoted price will generally be sufficient.
  4. Have Multiple Installation Date Options –In the event that you aren’t able to get your first choice of installation date, you should have a backup date (or maybe even two or three). Finalize the installation date before you make accommodation arrangements in case you have kids or pets who will get upset with the installation noise. Remember, finding a hotel reservation or other temporary accommodation is easier than finding a contractor who is available for a specific date.
  5. Establish Communication –Be sure you have exchanged contact information with your contractor a few days before installation day. In addition to phone numbers, remember to exchange email addresses in case you need to send or receive images and files. If you will not be around for the installation date, you should be easily reached in case you need to make urgent decisions.


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