Preventative Commercial Roof Inspection Program

Protect Your Overhead – Our new RoofCare program is designed to inform building owners of the current condition of their roof, draft a maintenance plan, and maintain through repairs and cleaning in order to prolong the life of the roof.

Roof Care Program

Roofing Statistics

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A roof typically accounts for approximately 10% of total building costs, however, it ultimately contributes to about 90% of the total issues as a whole for a building owner. Multiple studies indicate that flat roofs without regular maintenance last only around 13 years. Roofs that are subject to a regular maintenance program have an average lifespan of 21 years. A building owner will spend 67% more per square foot on a non-maintained commercial roof compared to an owner that has implemented a preventative maintenance program.

How It Works

Inspection Report

  • Condition Analysis
  • Moisture & Thermal Analysis
  • Detailed Photos
  • Life Expectancy
  • Scope of Work (i.e. Repair, Clean, Replace)

Maintenance Plan

  • Annual or Bi-Annual Inspections will include:
  • Disposing of loose debris on roof membrane
  • Up to 2 tubes of sealant for troubled areas
  • Inspection of membrane seams
  • Inspection for hail & wind damage
  • Inspection of all flashings
  • Inspections of pitch pockets
  • Inspection of parapet walls
  • Inspection of coping cap
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Customer will be provided with a detailed report showing the current condition of the roof. Any issues with the roof will be addressed and outlined.

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