How do you Determine a Manufacturers Defect on a Composition/Asphalt Shingle Roofs?

by Jan 22, 2019

Here are some of the asphalt shingle defects commonly seen in the field:



Craze Cracking

Degranulation/Granule Loss



Any of the above defects can be caused by and/or accelerated due to installation errors including inadequate ventilation of the attic. Shingle damage from wind and hail needs to be distinguished from a manufacturers defect and faulty workmanship to prevent a homeowner from filing an insurance claim when the real issue is a manufacturer’s defect.



Rhoden Roofing’s specialists are all trained by HAAG Engineering to make the determination between a manufacturer’s defect and hail/wind damage.  This gives us a competitive advantage because HAAG Engineering determines the industry standard for what constitutes hail damage versus a manufacturers defect.

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