Spring Cleaning Your Siding

by Feb 7, 2019

With Spring upon us, most homeowners will want to walk around their home to inspect for any issues that may need addressed.

Siding, gutters, residential roofing and landscaping are common areas that require attention.

Cleaning your siding can help you maintain the overall appearance of your siding, as well as spot any areas that need repairs. We recommend doing this at least once or twice a year.

First things first – DO NOT use a pressure washer to clean your siding, these can actually cause damage to the finish.

Instead, follow these basic guidelines for cleaning —

  • Dust and Dirt:
    • All homes get some dirt build up over time and the easiest way to clean your siding is to use a garden hose and a soft bristled brush or soft cloth.
    • Work in small sections, from top to bottom, in order to keep the dirt moving in a downward direction.
    • Don’t use any abrasive metal brushes, as these can cause damage to the siding finish.
  • Oil, Grease or Other Organic Contaminants:
    • Generally these will only occur in small secluded areas so a soft cloth will be the best way to clean them.
    • Use a mild dishwashing liquid and water to saturate the cloth and wipe the siding clean.
    • Rinse the areas frequently to prevent the soap from drying and creating more work for yourself.
  • Mold and Mildew:
    • Mold and mildew can be a little more tricky to wipe clean, you may need to use a 50/50 mix of Vinegar and Water or a non-abrasive mildew cleaner. (Pay attention to the chemicals in cleaners as some may be harmful to surrounding areas)
    • Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the areas down and rinse frequently.
    • If using a mildew specific cleaner, follow the cleaner instructions closely.

If you are working on high elevations you may need additional tools, such as ladders or scaffolding. If you don’t feel comfortable with heights, you may be better off contacting a cleaning company to complete this task.

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